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  • Aggressive Transparency
    When you work remotely, it is important that coworkers know you are present and involved.
  • Context Switching
    Being focused and productive is a great feeling. When you switch tasks to something else, there is a delay before you reach maximum focus on the new thing. That delay is the cost of context switching.
  • Work Without Meetings
    Meetings and interruptions are two of the worst things about working in an office. When people work remotely, it becomes a little more difficult to interrupt people and start meetings. That is a good thing.
  • Remote Work and Family: Dealing With Interruptions
    When you work from home, people are tempted to interrupt you. Here are a few tips on how to deal with that.
  • Remote Work Environment
    Setting up your own work environment is both an opportunity and a challenge. Here are some things that have worked for me.

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  • Hiking
    Hiking is a great activity. The only equipment you need is shoes. Also, a network of geosynchronous satellites connected to a miniature portable computer that tells you where the heck you are.
  • Small Mournings
    Mourning is about adapting to new circumstances.
  • What Mourning Feels Like to Me
    After my mother died, I learned a few things about mourning.
  • Wisdom Comes from Pain
    A wise woman once said, “Wisdom comes from pain. If you’re lucky, it’s someone else’s pain.”
  • Music from the 21st Century: How I Found Remembered Sound
    Once upon a childhood, I sat in a living room and listened to a record. Decades later, I wanted to hear those mostly-forgotten sounds again. This is the story of my quest to find them. I remembered a heavily synthesized quality to the music. It made me think of science fiction. Part of the music […]

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