Fajr Beirut Handmade Notebooks

Notebooks are a treasure for creative people. They invite the owner to write, draw, and plan. Just having one nearby is like hearing a muse whisper, “let’s create.”

I purchased four handmade notebooks from Fajr Beirut. This is a business that employs Syrian refugee women, so that they can support their families by producing these colorful notebooks.

There are plenty of designs to choose from. I got the Lucky Packet, so Fajr Beirut picked four random designs at various sizes. Here is the set that arrived at my home:

Fajr Beirut Notebooks
Fajr Beirut Lucky Packet

It’s neat to see a business like this pop up. These are people who have survived a very ugly situation. Despite that, they found a way to improve their lives, while also distributing beautiful things around the world.






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