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Science is a Sugar Cube

An odyssey in household dialect.

When my son was 8, he asked if he could have a sugar cube. Back then, my collection of tea-making supplies was on a shelf at elbow height. That meant the jar of sugar cubes was at an 8-year-old’s eye level.

I said yes, and he got a sugar cube.

A short while later, he informed me that the sugar cube was tasty, but he thought he should get another one to scientifically confirm that it was tasty. I agreed that he should get another sugar cube for science.

As he got the cube, I could hear him declaring, “SCIENCE!”

Years later, when he was a teenager, I would still hear him holler that from across the house when he got a sugar cube out of the jar.






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  1. CesR Avatar

    I was reading about your post about transferring files from a zip disk. I have about 50 zip disks and I want to copy the files in them onto an external hard drive so I can access the old files easier than trying to get through each zip disk looking for that particular old file – not to mention getting rid of the zip disks themselves.
    I work with Macs only – so I am surprised that when I copy a file directly from the zip disk onto the external drive – it changes into an “Exec” document. Of course, my Mac do not read WIndows or “Exec” docs – so it becomes an unreadable and useless file. Do you have a solution for that?
    Thank you.

    1. wyman Avatar

      That is strange! That did not happen to me.

      My best advice is to try to break the problem down into the smallest steps possible. That way, you can see what step causes the problem.

      So start by trying to open the file from the zip disk, and see if the file is readable before copying.

      Try dragging just one file at a time, and see if that works.

      Another thing to try is dragging to some other disk, like the Mac’s local hard drive. To see if the problem only occurs on that external disk.

      On Macs, when I use the mouse to drag a file from one place to another, I expect the file to show in the new place with the same name, and nothing changed. Even if it’s being copied from an old zip disk.

      Good luck!

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