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How My Cat Threw a Cascarón At Me

One day, I was busy working at my desk, when suddenly a cascarón (confetti-filled egg) came flying at me. It missed, and I looked in the direction the egg came from. I saw my cat looking placidly back at me.

That was unexpected.

Cascarones. Image by Luisfi [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

So here’s what happened. For many years, we were living in Santa Barbara. Every year, Santa Barbara has Fiesta, and lots of people sell cascarones (confetti-filled eggs.) The tradition is to crack them open over (or on) peoples’ heads, covering them with confetti.

Our family has an addition to that tradition: get extra cascarones and hide them somewhere. Then use them months after Fiesta, when it’s least expected.

That is why my son happened to have a cascarón the day we moved out of Santa Barbara, three years ago. I was the recipient.

Me with confetti in my hair. Take a careful look at the top left corner of the picture. See the orange cat? Apparently, he was paying attention.

Fast forward to today. The cascarón had landed next to me. I was sitting at my desk, looking up at the cat. Next to my desk is a tall book shelf. The cat was sitting on the book shelf, looking down at me.

My son moved away a year ago, so he couldn’t have thrown it. But I do remember that, when we moved, he informed me that he was saving another cascarón for when I least expected it.

Clearly, my son had secretly trained the cat throw the cascarón at me on this day. Luckily for me, it’s tough to throw accurately when one has claws instead of thumbs.






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    I’ve renamed this post, “The cat and the cascaron” in my head.

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